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We understand the need for a competent, professional and reliable workforce in today’s professional world and it’s more than ever before. The need for competence among top-tier professionals becomes even more essential for the success of an organization, company, and industry. IGS is working to provide highly reliable and competent professionals to the working sector of all sorts. We are a global organization primarily working on background evaluation of employees of our client companies and organizations and assisting them to hire the best possible workforce for their organizations.

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Background Verification

It is basic to employ a privilege and capable individual for an association at any level. How to settle on a decision among good and bad? Leave that to IGS. We, at IGS, guarantee that the people our customer organizations are employing are ideal for the activity as well as gainful for the association and hold no record of being a danger to the organization.

Tenant Verification

Need help choosing a responsible tenant? Tenant verification help you to weed out the high-risk tenants that may be a risk factor to your family, either from a physical perspective or a stress related factor. Stay stress free as we are finding the right people for you by thorough background check of the tenant credit report and previous behaviour at rental property.


Finding the proper ability at the opportune time has been a test for all organizations, particularly if you don't have the correct recruitment organization helping you in your talent procurement and sourcing. Worry no more, we will steer you in the right direction with the right set of candidates helping you to grow stronger as an organization constantly.

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Industry Specific Verification Solutions

Background Verification

Employment Check

It is imperative to hire a right and responsible person for an organization at any level. How to make a choice between right and wrong? Leave that to IGS. We, at IGS, ensure that the persons our client companies are hiring are not only perfect for the job but also beneficial for the organization and hold no record of being a threat to the company.

Background Verification

Education Check

As part of the requirements at the time of application submission, candidates are asked to produce degrees of their education. IGS collects the necessary information about the degree and certificate of candidate or employee and runs a complete background check in order to make sure the certificates given by candidates are original, authentic and verified.

Reference Check

An in-depth reference check will involve talking to references to gain insight into an applicant’s skills, qualifications, and abilities to do the job. IGS makes it super easy for affiliated companies because by running a detailed screening of the references online, the better and fast results are achieved than doing the same work manually.

Criminal Check

IGS works with its affiliates to work out the maximum possible criminal checks well before the time of appointment of an employee or soon before the promotion of any employee to a more sensitive position as he is already in. Our diligent and talented team still puts maximum efforts to maximize the safety of the organization as well as the safety of the employee from any kind of fraudulent.

Address Check

Address check has been a compulsory evaluation method being in used for a long time for any kind of registration, application and biodata form. It is considered among the basic information about a person and therefore, is always a mandatory requirement by all organizations. IGS is here to make your job easier and add residential address check a part of detailed screening of affiliated company’s employees or employees-to-be.

Background Verification

Identity Check

The identity check includes personal information and information present in the national identity database. We verify the acquired information from different sources of national agencies before sending to our client companies. IGS stores the information in its database as well for future use or if the client company has requested us to do so. Note that we have a detailed privacy policy and we abide by all international privacy laws.

Database Check

IGS is known for its services in conducting database checks for various organizations. Our background verification services have specific processes and we use tools to conduct database checks. Because of our vast experience and affiliation with organizations that provide databases, we understand the characteristics of data storage and know of ways to effectively retrieve information without breaching privacy policies.

Cibil Check

CIBIL inquiry is not mandatory for all organizations yet we have client companies who want to have a history of credit and payment before hiring. IGS has extended services to CIBIL check for our clients and carry out a significant screening of previous financial records of candidates. The history of financial records, payments and credit is verified from the linked organizations and banks according to the information provided by the candidates.

Drug Screening

In few companies due to sensitivity of job or top-tier positions at organizations, drug check of employees and potential employees becomes mandatory. IGS critically processes employees’ history to check for any evidence of drug abuse or an incident involving drugs. This analysis is further examined and sent to client companies.

Psychometric Assessment

For psychometric analysis, IGS has all the expertise needed because we have the longest experience to work in this domain. It is extremely significant part of a hiring process and our clients cannot focus more on this. IGS is the best choice for psychometric analysis because we have fully digitalized the process and the results and analyses have improved multiple folds.


We realize that we have entered an entirely different world than the world that was 20 years ago and needless to mention, we are talking about the internet and then social media revolution. Significant changes in technology over the past decade are having a profound impact on recruiting strategies, with staffing professionals increasingly using social networking sites to source, contact, and screen both active and passive job candidates.

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More than 500+ Companies Trust Integritas

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